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Best Storage Space

Lahore Station Rd, Garhi Shahu, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
0 Reviews

The Space

  • Space size type: Large
  • Storage space type: Whole empty house
  • Room space character:

    Temperature under 15 F


    24 Hour Security System

  • Space height: 900 feet
  • Space width: 600 feet
  • Space length: 900 feet

Cancellation policy

  • Less than 72 hours


  • Not found

Safety amenities

  • Smoke detector

Space rules

  • Smoking allowed : No

Additional rules

  • 3 test additional rule
  • 2 test additional rule
  • 1 test additional rule

Space details

  • Must climb stairs
  • No parking on property

Booking limit

  • Minimum days: 30
  • Maximum days: 220


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Storage Space Video

Property Location


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